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We’re not gonna lie. We’ve been huge Junk Gypsy fans for yearrrzzzz. Love their style, love their work, love their focus on family and genuine love of junkin’! So, when they came out with their paint line, we were beyond excited! After all, who doesn’t love the kickin’ vibe those bright colors emit? We felt blessed and honored (and did we say excited) when we became retailers for the Junk Gypsy Chalk and Clay paint back in May.

Since then, we’ve opened our Junk Gypsy Open Paint Bar, and had a blast meeting new friends, fellow fans of the JG’s, and creating several amazin’ pieces using their amazin’ paint and clear coat. Colors like Wanderlust, Free Spirit, Hippie Highway, Granny’s Cornbread, and Singin’ the Texas Blues breathe new life into everything they’re slathered on! There are 16 colors in all, plus the new ones you can create by mixin’ ‘em!

We invite you drop by the store and visit the Junk Gypsy showroom, our DIY Paint Studio or attend a class ~ we promise you will be inspired to “Gypsy-fy” your life!

Let’s Paint,

makin’ things new again


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